Improve the Quality of Your Palliative Care Program Through Registry Participation

Robust palliative care data provides insights and supports advancements in care for those with serious illness. The PCQC registry collects and collates your data, generates reports, and provides opportunities for action.

PCQC offers three great ways to participate in our palliative care registry. We encourage you to participate in all three tiers.

The PCQC registry will launch in early 2021.

Basic Membership: Create and maintain a Program Profile

Cost: Free

Description: Annually provide basic information about your palliative care program. Within the program profile, you have the option to display your program's information in the provider directory on Get Palliative Care is a website providing clear, comprehensive palliative care information for people living with a serious illness.

Advanced Membership: Annual Program- Level Survey

Cost: Free

Description: Every January through June, palliative care programs submit data about their program reflecting the previous year. This survey provides actionable data that programs can use to secure, expand and retain resources for delivery of high-quality palliative care, and to support the establishment of new palliative care programs where none exist. Data is collected on all service settings across the continuum of care, including hospital, long-term care, office/clinic, and home-based palliative care. For programs that previously contributed data to the National Palliative Care Registry™, your historical data is saved in PCQC's registry and you will now complete your annual surveys within the PCQC registry.

During 2021 you will report on 2020 data. The survey questions are available for your review. You can access a pdf version of the Annual Program-Level Hospital Survey questions here, and a pdf version of the Annual Program-Level Community Based Survey questions here. 

Premium Membership: Patient- Level Registry

Cost: Cost will vary depending on the type and size of your program. Reach out to PCQC via our online form to get a quote. 

Description: The PCQC patient-level registry is a collection of standardized data that include clinical outcomes for each patient. Members can generate reports to monitor their program and to benchmark outcomes to peer groups. PCQC plans to offer a QI collaborative for patient-level registry participants.

Programs that previously contributed data to PCQN and GPCQA will be able to send PCQC their historical data.

For those interested in participating in the paid patient-level portion of the registry, you will need to complete legal documents. PCQC has official contracting documents available—these include a BAA/DUA, participant agreement, and pricing Exhibit A. Exhibit A will be completed after a conversation with PCQC. When you are ready to sign up, please download, review with your legal team, and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Basic: Annual Program Profile

Advanced: Annual Program-Level Registry Participation

Premium: Patient-Level Registry





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Reports that compare your program to peer programs on metrics like staffing and penetration




Reports that compare your program to peer programs on metrics like patient outcomes 



Opportunity to participate in Quality Improvement (QI) Projects



Opportunity for EHR integration 



Benefits of Participation

Reasons to join the PCQC:

  • Improve patient care through rapid cycle quality improvement
  • Explore EHR integration
  • Empower palliative care service providers to demonstrate their value to health systems
  • Assure the quality of palliative care services
  • Create a national peer network and collaborative quality projects
  • Design, test and implement quality measures that matter for seriously ill patients
  • Collect and report data on quality measures in value-based purchasing agreements with payers
  • Create a learning health system for the seriously ill
  • Ensure that data from different providers measures the same thing – using a standardized approach to increase confidence, consistency, reliability, and benchmarking capabilities
  • Improve palliative care research efforts

What is the fee associated with becoming a PCQC member?

Participation in program-level data collection (structures and processes) that is currently offered by the National Palliative Care Registry™ at no cost will remain free for all palliative care organizations. Participation in the patient-level data registry and quality collaborative will have a fee, similar to GPCQA and PCQN's current membership structure.

Membership with access to program-level data: Free

Membership with access to program-level AND patient-level data: $6,000 per program per year; discounts may apply. Sign-up by July 1, 2021 to receive an early bird discount of 25% off standard membership for your first two years!

Entity Standard rate
per program per year  
Early-bird rate
per program per year  
Hospital/ Hospice $6,000 $4,500
Safety net program $4,000 $3,500
Stand-alone pediatric program  $4,000 $3,500

*Volume discounts may apply for bulk purchases (e.g., health systems). Please contact us via our online form for additional information

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